Commercial Electrical Services

Our vast experience in commercial electrical services allows us to serve your business in many capacities.  Whether you need service for existing electrical equipment or you have an electrical project at your facility that needs to be completed, E-Zone Electric provides prompt, reliable commercial electrical services to keep your business on track.

As a business owner, we understand that your time is valuable. When a vital piece of equipment goes down, you need it repaired professionally and quickly. We view ourselves as part of your team, and our experienced electricians will complete projects in a timely, professional manner so your business can be successful. Because we value your time, we always give a 30-minute call ahead courtesy call to let you know when we are in route to your location. At E-Zone Electric our work is backed by our service guarantee, which includes a one-year parts and labor warranty as well as specific manufacturer warranties. Qualified electricians will make sure that the electrical work performed at your business meets commercial codes and standards. We follow those standards and codes to help keep our electricians, your employees, customers and business safe.

We have the experience, and we are backed by our service guarantee, to handle a full range of commercial electrical services.  If you are experiencing an electrical issue at your place of business or completing a new project and need electrical services, we have the solution!

  • build outs

  • circuit additions

  • circuit restorations

  • energy efficiency

  • equipment hook-ups

  • exterior lighting

  • interior lighting

  • motors

  • motor controls

  • occupancy reports

  • parking lot lighting

  • remodels

Safety Tip

Electricity is essential to modern life, both at home and on the job.  Some employees- engineers, electricians, electronic technicians and power line workers-work directly with electricity on a daily basis. Others, such as office workers and sales people, work with it indirectly.  Perhaps because it has become such a familiar part of our daily life, many of us do not give much thought to how much our work depends on a safe, reliable source of electricity.  More importantly, we tend to overlook potential electrical hazards and minor repair issues until it is too late.  You may be unaware of hazards existing in your office space right now–call us today for an electrical inspection.

All our employees undergo background and security checks because we want a secure work environment for our clients that is staffed by qualified employees.

We are actively working with General Contractors, School Districts, Government Agencies, Manufacturing Facilities, Machine Shops, Distribution Facilities, and Industrial Facilities with their office renovations, facility build-outs, parking lot and parking garage lighting, and other expansion and improvement electrical services.