Electrical Inspection Services

E-Zone Electric is here to assist you with your residential and commercial electrical inspections at all stages of occupancy.  We are a fully licensed and insured electrical contractor and we are able to provide permits for various types of electrical projects.  Our team of skilled electricians will ensure that all electrical work performed at your home or office passes inspection when it comes time to sell.  We abide by standards and codes to keep our electricians and your home or business safe.

We are proud to be the only electricians in the Houston area that offer real estate agents free estimates of inspection report items.  We understand how important it is for real estate professionals and their clients to have timely facts and figures for the negotiating table.  We just ask that the real estate agent forwards the inspection report to our office, and then we are able to provide the electrical inspection information needed within a 24-hour time frame.

Trust The Professionals At E-zone Electric To Find Hidden Electrical Dangers

We are the experts in the field when it comes to finding hidden electrical dangers in your home or business. If you are unsure as to what you are looking at when it comes to electrical wires and projects do not second-guess yourself. Contact the highly trained electrical professionals at E-Zone Electric, Inc. to inspect any electrical conditions at your property.

Be Proactive with your Property

Home Owner Inspection Services. Let us help you keep your family and property safe.


Whether you have owned your property for years or you are purchasing a new property, we are happy to offer you the inspection service you need to feel confident about the electrical wiring and conditions in your home.  Let E-Zone Electric help keep your family and home safe by having us complete a professional electrical inspection.

Business Owner Inspection Services. Let us help you keep your workplace safe.

Business owners

We understand how important it is to know what you are investing in before you commit.  Partner with E-Zone Electric so that we may provide you accurate cost projections to assist you with planning a budget for your business.  When our customers are successful, we are successful.  Allow us be a part of the team that keeps your workplace safe.

Are You Preparing for a Sale or Purchase?

Regardless of occupancy status, we are here to assist and keep you out of trouble with City Permitting Departments.  We are a licensed and insured electrical contractor and can provide electrical permits for various types of projects.  Our permitting service includes coordinating all inspections associated with the permitting process.  When it comes to City inspections we are confident in our workmanship.  The only contractors that are concerned with City inspections are the ones doing it wrong.  We are committed to building a trustworthy relationship with the electrical inspectors by executing all of our work to the highest standard.