Do You Have A Plan If There Is A Power Outage At Your Home?

Residential Electrical Services. We have a family too, keep your family safe.

We all know that severe weather is one of the many causes of power outages.  However, did you know that according to the American Society of Civil Engineers, our nation’s infrastructure, including its power grid, earns only a D+ rating?  With a higher energy demand in our area, due to growth and new construction, bringing power back after an outage can take longer than expected.  Older infrastructure and equipment requires even more attention to be brought back to working order after outages.  What would you do if your home experienced an extended power outage?

Home Standby Generator Solutions

Home standby generators provide homeowners reliable backup power to keep them comfortable, safe and secure during an electrical outage.  Backup generators are available in many different types and can be installed to provide various energy sources to the home when there is no power.  Depending on your family’s need you can purchase a standby generator to operate only a few appliances or run your entire home.  E-Zone Electric is happy to offer a free consultation to discuss home standby generator options and solutions that meet your needs.

Don’t Get Left in the Dark!-Let E-Zone Electric Provide Backup Power Solutions for Your Home

E-Zone Electric, Inc. is here to help you choose the correct type of generator for your home and family’s needs.  When you schedule an appointment with us, we will come to your home and go over all of the essential items that you need to run your home during a power outage.  We will also inspect and determine the supply source for the generator and develop a plan for your new backup power source.  We are here to listen and offer you solutions according family’s needs and budget.

Residential Electrical Services. We have a family too, keep your family safe.