Residential Electrical Services

Upfront Pricing and Reliable Services You Can Trust

Typically the electrical system in your home is not something at the forefront of your mind until there is an issue. If your home electrical system is not functioning properly we recommend you hire a professional electrical contractor to ensure that quality work is performed. In the State of Texas it is illegal for an unlicensed individual to offer to perform electrical work. Therefore, a handyman is a great option for many home repairs, however, when it comes to your home’s electrical system it is best to leave those projects to the professionals. At E-Zone Electric our team is professionally trained in their trade as well as customer service, fully licensed, insured and bonded. Our work is backed by our service guarantee, which includes a one-year parts and labor warranty as well as specific manufacturer warranties. A qualified electrician will make sure that the electrical work performed on your home passes inspection when it comes time to sell. We have standards and codes to follow that help keep our electricians and your family safe.

  • attic fan installations & service
  • real estate inspection reports
  • door bells
  • panel changes
  • service upgrades
  • underground feeders
  • troubleshooting
  • circuit restorations
  • ballasts
  • transformers
  • surge protection
  • grounding
  • GFCI’s
  • Arc Fault breakers
  • appliance hook-ups
  • permits

Attempting Home Electrical Projects without Consulting a Professional Electrician Can Be Dangerous

  • For example, have you ever attempted to install a ceiling fan in your home? Did you know that not all ceiling electrical boxes are anchored correctly to support a ceiling fan? Are you willing to take the risk?

  • Have you stopped to consider the danger you are facing with the endless extension cords operating your computer, sound system, television, etc? You could be creating a potential fire hazard in your home right now.

Our licensed, professional electricians perform quality work following exact jurisdictional code standards. We provide a full range of electrical services including electrical installations, routine maintenance, system repairs and more. We want our customers to feel like they are allowing a neighbor into their home to understand their electrical concerns and to help them. If you have a home electrical issue or need, we have the solution!

Home Surge Protector

Did you know that lightning current can produce significant damage to a home that is not properly equipped with a quality electrical protection system.  If lightning chooses any of the home’s electrical wiring as its primary or secondary path, the explosive surge can damage even non-electronic appliances that are connected, which could result in significant repair and replacement expenses.  Even if most of the lightning current takes other paths to ground, the home’s electrical system could potentially experience enough of a surge to cause significant damage to anything connected.  Your home electronics may be at risk.  Let E-Zone Electric safeguard your home from lightning damage.

Extension Cord Safety

Extension cords can be very helpful, but it is important to remember that they are not intended to be utilized for a long period of time.  Because they are designed for temporary applications, make sure to unplug and safely store them in between each use.  Do not run extension cords through ceilings or walls, as it may cause them to overheat resulting in electrical fires.  The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) reports that improper use of extension cords causes 3,300 residential fires each year.  If you constantly need a longer cord to plug in an appliance, you would be better off installing a new outlet.  Call E-Zone today; we can install a new outlet or help with any home electrical issues you may be experiencing.